Meet the Speakers and Counselors

Horváth Levente

Levente & Mária Horváth

We have been married for 33 years and have five adult children. Our children live in Cluj and are both members of the Bonus Pastor Foundation. Levente is the founder of the service for addicts, while Mária works as a social worker at the Ozd Therapy Home and at the Bonus Pastor Foundation's Clinic Care Office located in Cluj. They both have many years of experience working with addicts and their family members. Levente is a pastor, according to his qualifications, but he is also qualified in contextual family therapy and lifestyle management. Mária studied chemistry and physics, then graduated from qwith a degree in social work and studied family therapy. For decades, both of them have been working together to teach and help help others.

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Sándor and Tünde Kocsis

We have been married for thirty years now. We have experienced time ion the mountain top and in the valley. Our love has three fruits: to dwell in God's vision, to be in the present place and to arrive. We have had the opportunity to participate in some of the these courses, and have hope for what is to come. We are content and hopeful of future changes... but also content in the things we cannot change. How can we, as spouses, help each other? How can we live together in joy, in faith and in God's healing love? We are looking forward to seeking these answers together during this marriage course!


Location: Bálványos

Istvana guesthouse and campground

This high quality location provides a relaxing place with rooms, apartments, a swiming pool, great views of the mountainous area, fresh air, and good food.

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Program Summary

Aug 5th-8th | Meals are provided, and the schedule and theme will be published once finalized. **Camp lectures and content will be available in Hungarian and translated into English, although a few of our guests and staff speak English and/or Romanian.**

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